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Made a veg and bean salad last night for supper that was insanely fresh and delicious. It has fresh lime juice and cumin and walnut oil. A nice way to end a long work day. We finally got a quote on our roof repairs and altho it's gonna hurt, it is good to know the costs and I think we've found a decent company to do it, so I need to book them this week so that before winter we will have a new roof  with new eaves again. I can't wait for no more leaks...our roof is low sloped and it's been getting leakier and leakier with the years. My half assed patching attempts have done nothing and I can't repaint the ceiling where it's leaked through until we fix the roof, so we're just sucking it up to get it fixed. Knowing the work to be done was the trickiest part. I'm hoping it's easier from here. I love our old house, but there was a reason we got a deal on it! It needs new everything... :P

On a happier note I was up late last night racking my blueberry wine in to the carboy (and getting it all over the walls...ahem) and starting up a mini-batch of apricot wine. You're supposed to measure specific gravity to get ideas of how the fermentation is going but with blueberry wine there is so much fruit in the way the hydrometer won't float it's mystery strength wine...oooooh! Tasted OK when I got a mouthful siphoning so I'm not worried.
I have never tried apricot wine before but I had 2 Lb of apricots so I thought I would give it a go. It makes 1 gallon so it's not too much...experimental to see if I want to make more next year. I got started late after we headed out on a nice long evening walk in the to the library to grab a few books.  J has some good reading for the next few days and I have some canning books to read through before a saturday of canning. The librarian forgave J's fines for him (really nice of her!). A really nice evening...but very late.

And so...ended up very tired today. Slept in and had some oatmeal before crawling in to work...tried to get up early and wimped out. I must get back into mornings more. Summers are so very random and lovely and I can't bring myself to go to bed early when the sun is still up. It'll be dark soon enough :)

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Yum Yucky said...

...and imagine if you had actually, technically, literally crawled into work. What a sight that would've been.