Sun sun sun here it comes

Just got back from a few weeks was lovely. First visited my dad at the lake. Got in a nice woods run and a beach boot camp and had some great fishing and hiking times with my family. After that J and I were off to camping with friends at a music festival for 5 days. Had a wonderful time catching up and being ridiculous. It was over far too soon...
Now I'm back at regular old life and tomorrow am back at my workouts again...but I have freckles :)

Hope you've all had a stellar past few weeks!


azusmom said…
Sounds fun, and it was certainly well-deserved!
MIZ said…
ahh regular life.
I love my routine and I LOOOVE GETTING AWAY ;-)
welcome home.
Wow, that sounds like a FANTASTIC getaway! Running, hiking, camping, music and foolishness? Sounds like heaven!
Yum Yucky said…
Your adventures are always awesome. I need to learn from you.

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