Last night was fruitful. (bwaha. My sides.) Chopped and froze up 26 cups of raspberries and 28 cups of rhubarb. Also picked up 10 Lb of blueberries (they were on for $2/Lb!) to start a batch of wine tonight. I do believe I will get a few more blueberries and some cherries on the way home to freeze since they're suddenly cheap and I'd love to have some around for baking later.
On the weekend is the farmers market and for once we'll be home, so bring on more fruits and veg! I am hoping for peaches and saskatoons and some cucumbers, green tomatoes and heirloom carrots. Soon it's squash season too. He heh. I love this time of year. :)
Last night I was reminded of why I need a garden...had some baby potatoes and garden fresh peas with some chicken for supper and much flavour. You really only need a bit of butter and salt and pepper and the flavour of the food just leaps out at you and jumps up and down on your tongue. I'm in foodie heaven...made some fresh rhubarb almond muffins for dessert and it was glorious :). We ran errands in a happy healthy veggie haze.

This morning I got up for another home workout. I did the Day 2 of the Dailyhiit insanity workout for abs and then since that was rather short I added in as much of their posted workout from last monday as I could. Insanity Day 2 was twice through (30 sec work/10 sec rest): cross legged ab/butt raise (L),  cross legged ab/butt raise (R), scissor step pass-throughs, bike abs, pointed toe touches (L),  pointed toe touches (R) and Vsits. Ye olde abs were complaining by the end. Then the daily workout. It was rounds of 15 reps of squats, jump squats, side and front lunges (both legs), deadlifts (20 Lb) and calf raises. They wanted 5 times through but I ran out of time, so I did 3 full times through and then another set of squats and deadlifts before I ran off to the shower and some oatmeal with maple syrup and raspberries (I'm hooked) to make my bus.

And now?
Science :)

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MIZ said...

I USED TO LOOVE me some rhubarb.
prepared by OTHERS.
now Im wondering if *I* could do it myself?