Wear a helmet

I am a bit stiff today from sculpt, but it didn't stop me from pushing myself in spin class with Jocelyn. It rained all night so everything smells fresh and green. Made for  a great walk to the bus this morning. After class I did a few things for my abs and back and now I am in at work ready for another long day.

Last night was fun but busy. Had a meeting with some friends for decor ideas for an underwater themed party we're throwing next month and got to hunt down some iron on black sparkly letters and a cheap red shirt so I can finally make my "Red Kangs Are Best" tshirt for the local comicon this weekend (if you can guess the obscure scifi reference I'll be giggly pleased!).

Also ran into my friend Mehta whom I haven't seen in a few weeks and was shocked to see that he was in a major random bicycle accident...and reminded me and made me promise to wear my helmet when I bike. He came down the bridge from the university and fell off his bike at top speed and hit a pole and then cement curb...and cracked his jaw in 5 places. Amazingly the rest of his head and body is OK and other than some teeth he lost and a few scrapes on one hand, now that his facial bruises are down he looks pretty good. He's rather fuzzy from not shaving and will still have his jaw wired shut for a month or so, but he was soooo lucky. He is still here, relatively unscathed and feeling very lucky indeed.

So yeah. Bike helmets. Wear them.
That is all.


azusmom said...

Would that be an 80's "Doctor Who" reference, by any chance?
Glad your friend is OK! Yeah, helmets are good. I see so many people in San Francisco biking around town without them. Makes me nervous.

Geosomin said...

Yes! 10 points for you! It's from "Paradise Towers". :)