pain pain go away

Ugh - yesterday I got a killer headache and hunger pangs just after lunch that lasted all evening. All my work snacks were stale, so after a quick snack in the hospital cafeteria I popped in for a short visit to my friend in the hospital on the way home. He was in a lot of pain, understandably (open heart surgery will do that to you...), so I didn't stay long. I don't think he needs people pestering him that much until he's feeling better. I was amazed - did you know all they like to give you after open heart surgery is ibuprofen so they can monitor proper healing and process...ow...Jim is a true gentleman to the staff and everyone around him. I would have been a drooling evil queen in his situation. You can hear his new heart valve clicking if you're really quiet (science!). His pain should get better day by day....hoping he will heal up quickly so the pain doesn't last. They're hoping he can go home to heal up there in a week or so if he heals up well. Tabitha is so relieved. The kids will likely go home today with her parents so it will be just the 2 of them to spend time together with less worry and stress, which will be nice for both of them I'm sure.

I ended up going home with my sparkle headache to have some "instant" roast chicken I picked up on the way home with some canned corn and then nibbled some rice cakes all evening in the hopes it would go away. I did not feel like cooking...which is when I know I feel lousy. It never did go away, so I napped off and on and tried drinking water, taking Advil and eating nuts and other random things to see if I could find why I had a headache and stave it off. Eventually, although I had plans to get some work done, I couldn't concentrate so I just went to bed.
Thankfully this AM I woke up feeling fine, so I had a granola bar before I came in to workout (just in case it came back) and came in for a sculpt class. It was all weights today so I figured I could come in and give it a go and see how much I could do. The headache hasn't returned and after a protein shake and some coffee I'm munching on some cottage cheese and raspberries (yum) and hoping to get a start on a better day.

Have a good day everyone.


Yum Yucky said...

Sending hugs and healing-love to Jim and Tabitha. And I'm adding "instant chickens" to my shopping list. Anything so I don't have to cook this weekend.

azusmom said...

So glad he's doing well!
And also that you're feeling better. Those headaches suck.

Miz said...

**whispers** hope your head is still feeling better.