high quality primer

The result of watching too much Trading Spaces and Painted House is that whenever I do renos or paint I hear Debbie Travis's voice in my head as I buy paint ("Always start with a coat of high quality primer..."). I sanded and primed the shelves I built for J last night (with some high quality primer). The thing about high quality primer is that it sticks really well. To everything. Including me. I tend to paint things in my craft room in my skivvies (TMI??) because I can, so that when I'm done I can just have a shower and wash off any of the paint that I, as the clumsy person that I am, will inevitably get all over myself. It's a custom shelf with lots of angles and inny outy bits so I ended up with primer all over me from reaching in to paint all the odd bits...and that primer just will not all come off. I managed to scrub off my hands, hair and most of my arms but after both my post-paint, and post spin class shower this morning I still have dabs of grey primer on my legs and upper arms. I scrubbed so hard to try and get some of it off in obvious places that I actually made my skin red (ow), so I'm going to just leave it be and hope it doesn't take too many days to wash off. I'm wearing pants and long sleeves because of the weather thankfully...noone will know. He heh. Tonight I paint them the first coat of flat black...which I'm hoping washes off a bit easier or I'm going to be a work of abstract art before I'm done :)

This morning I awoke to loud meowing (the cats are really into pestering me as soon as my alarm goes off these days) and came in to work out. My favourite old spin and sculpt class teacher form last year was subbing in for spin class and so I squeezed in and had a great sweaty workout. Very upbeat and positive-great start to the day. :)

Now its a crunch day at work with some big old deadlines so I've gotta run and get to it.
Hope you all have a great day.

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Yum Yucky said...

sheesh. how do you work all day and then come home and do DIY stuff? I dunno, girrrl, I dunno. But I'll be thinking of you as I couch-azz.