Evil spin class lady strikes again

Evil spin class lady came...and she made us sweat. It was hard. Really hard. I can't say that I enjoyed parts of the 45 minutes of hard spin class cardio...but now that it's over? I feel great. I honestly pushed myself this morning and it was crazy tough, but in the end I know it's good for me. It's why I keep going to her spin classes even tho every time I'm in them I think "why do I do this to myself again?" She is a great lady and she makes you work (and plot her doom in your head while you workout).

Last night my second external hard drive died for no reason. I spent most of my evening wasting my time to try to get a replacement, but I may have to contact the company for a new one, since we've had it for a while. I'd rather not get a new one from the same company (since 2 of the same thing have failed now for no reason), and have to go back and try and talk to the manager of London Drugs tonight...I'll try and see what happens. I'm hoping they just let me get another one, but with no receipt (it was a gift) we'll just have to see how it goes. I don't see the point of backing up all my stuff to something if it's not going to work and randomly die for no reason. Add to this trying to explain to my husband that it didn't fail because it was a PC drive that was reformatted for both PC and Mac? Frustrating evening. Grrr. Just Grrr. I did get a bit of painting done but other than that, it was not the evening I'd planned for.
Here's hoping tonight is a lot more...well...not frustrating :)

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