It's my birthday. Lah de dah :)
I slept in a bit this morning and after moping and whinging and psyching myself up I finally got down to it and worked out. I did the catch my breath bodyrock.tv workout with bonus abwork. Geek helped by hopping on my back and adding weights to the pushups. How nice. The end ones were not elevated...but I did the workout through and pushed myself. Getting in a workout is what counts.

I celebrated my birthday with a breakfast smoothie. I love smoothies, but our blender is stupidly loud so I don't use it often in the early hours...but today I wanted a yummy smoothie. Strawberries, yogurt, vanilla protein and a bit of pomegranate juice. Yum.
Today should be a busy day, and J is taking me out to our favourite indian restaurant for supper. :)
Hope you all have a great day!


azusmom said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!

Yum Yucky said...

lah dee effin DAHH! I hope you had an epic day. xoxoxo!