evil returns

The evil teacher Mel is back from her holidays. My shoulders hurt :)
Her spin and sculpt classes are 5 minutes of intense spinning (alternating tension climbs and sprints) and intervals of sets of weights for upper body. Lots of reps. I couldn't actually do them all but I pushed myself. Yes I swore and grumbled at times...but I did as many as I could. And man...I do not think I could do any more. Mel works you hard. I love to hate her...she gets it done :)
Last night I experimented at making a new meal/salad without the recipe that I somehow lost on the way home. I managed to stop on the bus home to get a few things and get back on for the rest of the way home... carrying a large bag of cat food and a giant watermelon home with me in the sticky heat, along with my backpack and gym bag. I didn't want to go back out later... I'm nothing if not stubborn!
I still made the salad, altho I guessed at the dressing from what I remembered and added stuff I like...the dressing needs tweaking but the rest of it rocks (here's hoping I find the recipe somewhere). It had diced red pepper, sweet corn, diced water chestnuts, green onion and shelled edamame. I made a dressing with soy sauce, vegetarian fish sauce, rice vinegar, ginger and garlic (I think it was supposed to have sesame oil and cilantro but I had no oil and hate cilantro so I improvised and added a splash of olive oil and lime juice and whirled it up). It took ages to shell the edamame and I kept accidentally shooting the steamed beans all over the kitchen (much to my cat's delight) but it the final result was quite tasty and filling. Had it with roasted beets, a few shrimp and some rice. Pretty tasty and really fresh. It is today's lunch too. Think next time I might add a bit of honey or maple syrup to the dressing. I just discovered I liked shelled edamame a while back but don't know what to do with it...this looked like a cool idea.

Best of all, thanks to my pack mule abilities, I have a whole lot of delicious watermelon to nibble on all weekend. I love LOVE love watermelon. And J doesn't so it's all mine :) If I need to snack on something I figure watermelon is a good thing. It's the time of year for it...mmm...

Must dash. Lots to do today...

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