Aaaaaaaaand, we're clear!

OK then. Think we've finally figured out the car situation. Going to fix up our beloved screaming yellow madness and drive her just a bit longer and eat the cost. Makes more sense financially right now that a new car loan. Then we can look for vehicles in the spring on our own terms instead of "oh dear god we need a car now!" terms. Now that the decision is made it's easier to just get on with life.

It's funny - I am getting some copies of my thesis bound for myself, Dad and my supervisors and you have to make a shortened version of the title for the spine of the thesis. I did come up with a good technical one after a bit of eye crossing but I also was leaning towards "How I became a mad scientist" and "thank goodness that's over" as alternate titles :) All my academic requirements are fulfilled and I need to make 5 copies to drop off at the bindery in the next week. I have uploaded my thesis to the grad office and filled all my forms and applied to graduate so now, as hard as I find it to believe - all is completed. Yup - my MSc is completed.

Can I get a wohoo?

After a few days of stress I've just been sleeping in the mornings to recharge and better deal with life. Tonight when I get home I'm going to fit in a short home workout. I miss the sweatiness. After the long weekend I'll be back to the morning routine again, but for now, it's a bit nice to take a few days to recharge the batteries a bit. I can see it's going to take a while to adjust to my new life. :)
Hope you have a great day!


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Aileen Baugher said...

Woohoooo! Well, know it might be late but still, woohoo indeed! I think you lifestyle had really been a big thesis help in your stay at grad school because it help you keep out the stress and refresh your mind every day. I do hope people find your situation to be inspirational.