So quiet

J is off at Ness Creek music festival with some friends and I am home. I have meetings with supervisors this weekend but there is no reason he can't get away and have fun with people. They headed out last night, so I am adjusting to being in a quiet house. I miss him, but I'm glad he can get away. He's had to put up with a lot of cancelled or forgone events this summer because of me and I'm glad he can get away for this. It's oddly quiet but I think I like it.
Last night I spent a bit of time on the yard and the house and I'll do some more of that tonight to finish it up- it's been neglected in favour of school lately, so it needs it. Plus that way on the weekend I can really relax and do whatever with no nagging feelings from looking around seeing things I should really be doing (I'm weird that way). It's amazing how much I can get done with no distractions  :)

This morning I came in for a spin and sculpt class. It was tough after yesterday's thorough ass-kicking, but I did it and I'm glad. Solid workout and now a busy day. I've got to put on my adult manager hat today and convince people to work together so we can get things done.

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Yum Yucky said...

I was wondering when you were gonna talk about that spin class again. Enjoy the quiet, dear woman. I had none of that last evening between the kid-whiners and TV volume. dammit!