eye of the storm

After a week of insane work I now wait for revisions from both supervisors on my "final" thesis draft. One supervisor I am not concerned about...the other? Who knows. She tends to be...well...unpredictable (scientifically polite term for crazy) and I have no idea what response I'll get - if it doesn't match what she wants in her head she'll try and change it. I only am taking some of her comments under consideration because it isn't her thesis - it's mine. I will correct for clarity and accuracy, but not for her agenda of what she things the project is...because she buggered off to Toronto 4 months into it and I think I pulled it together very well over the next 2 years without her. My other supervisor is not so much the expert on the topic, but is an excellent supervisor -he is very fair and I know whatever comments I get will be legitimate for correction of clarity and content.
Now I just make my summary page "abstract" for the thesis and read over sections for clarity ...and wait for the revisions to return. It's strange to work so madly and then just stop, but I'll take it. After a few weeks of utterly all out slavery, I had a life this weekend.
Friday night I was able to go see a movie with J (Prometheus...loved it). Then I relaxed with a glass of wine and a book while J went out with the guys. Saturday was much relaxing with coconut pancakes, 15K walk in the sunshine, a BBQ and then a night of music with bands and a few good DJs and a late late night. Sunday the sunshine was gone again and since it was raining I I got to bake up a storm to use up my rhubarb from the back yard which is HUGE from all the rain lately. Made a rhubarb style coffee cake for father's day supper, then rhubarb matrimony cake to bring in for work today and some muffins for us and STILL had a few cups left to freeze. Fathers day BBQ was at J's sisters place and got to relax with his family for a bit. It was really cute - my niece Lily is 3 and she can't quite put father's day together yet. She figures since it's a gathering with a cake it *has* to be a birthday and kept telling her Dad (J's brother) happy birthday all day. When they left she hugged us all and said happy birthday. She is the cutest :)

This morning I crawled form bed and worked out at home. I did the bodyrock my body rocks workout (4 times through instead of 3) and the bonus ab work and then had a protein shake and some cottage cheese and pineapple (one of my favourite things) for breakfast. Now it's some coffee and trying to get things done today at work. Got to try and be an adult today and be all managery and stuff with some adults who are acting like children. Yeah. We'll see how that goes. Some days I still feel like a kid "playing" manager!! Others, like I am head of a daycare...amazing how childish adults can be :) I suppose I'll get used to it eventually!

Hope you all had a great weekend and you have a most excellent day.


Yum Yucky said...

We saw Prometheus, too. I like it, but also felt a little let down at the same time. I feel there should've been more focus on the actual aliens. I wonder what the android said to that alien that got him into a rage. Did you wonder?

azusmom said...

Glad you had a relaxing weekend! Haven't seen "Prometheus" yet, but I will.
I hope you're able to wrangle your herd without TOO much trouble!

MizFit said...

LOUD at the head of the daycare reference.