A little older. A l ittle wiser?

Last night I played "find the thing". Yes. Good times. I put a note from some discussions I had with my supervisor last year that I wanted to talk about in my thesis...somewhere...as you can imagine I spent a while searching for it. Annoying. I did find it though, which is good, since a lot of mystuff got moved around or erased when I started my new job...I was worried it would be missing. I'm a few hours from having a draft done of the 3rd (of 4!) part of my thesis done and I'm looking forward to getting that hypothesis section really flushed out and ready for review this weekend. I've been distracted since I have to give a speech tomorrow to other grad students on my project, so I spent a bit of time last night going over my stuff to try and find a nice coherent way to talk about it all. I think I've got something OK that isn't too random. I'm not bothered by public speaking thankfully. We're not graded on it - it's practice for our thesis defense, so I figure as much as I can do to get slides ready and get feedback for THAT the better. The sooner I can get my thesis in to the committee the sooner I can get a date to defend.
This morning was spin and sculpt class. During sculpt, one of the weighted lunges strained my left hamstring somehow and it started hurting, so I dropped all the weight and finished as lightly as I could. If it had continued to hurt I would have stopped all together, but it wasn't too bad. I can still feel my left hamstringy butty region, so I'm hoping I didn't do anything that will be a problem. I think I just pushed out of my lunge with poor form in my half awake state. If it is still stiff tomorrow I'll just do some upper body work and let it mend for the weekend. I've been asking a lot of my butt lately. Maybe it's trying to tell me to relax a bit. :)

I just got back form my yearly physical and (assuming no weird blood work results) I am healthy. 5'5" and 132 Lbs on the doctor's fancy scale, which is a few higher than my home one, but the same as the one at the gym. Still a bit (grr) up from christmas, but I am healthy so I must be content with that and not focus on a number, but how I feel. I *am* glad to know I am strong and healthy. I met my new doctor today (my old one moved away-*sniff*) and he seems nice enough. I was hoping I'd feel comfortable with him so that I could keep him as my new family doc, and thankfully I do. Having a woman doctor isn't too important to me as long as I'm comfortable with the person. What *is* odd though is that he is the same age as me. THAT is weird. In my head all male doctors are supposed to be old and kindly squinty eyed and look like Quincy :)

Well, I should go and make myself useful today.
To the labmobile!


azusmom said...

I'm dreading the day my physician is younger than I am. Gulp!
Glad everything is OK!

Evilcyber said...

So you would rather be examined by a coroner? ;)