Well hello winter. Where've you been?

Another day of no workouts. My knee feels almost normal. Hooray. I am hopeful that another day or 2 of rest will do the trick. I may get back to swimming at first to ease into things. All I know is I need to get at something as I seem to be plumping up a wee bit. It's only a few pounds so far...but I know me and know I need to look after it before it becomes 10. If I keep things in check I'll be OK :)
It's -46 with the windchill this morning. I dug out my ski pants to wear to the bus this MA and I'm glad I did - the bus broke down and we had to wait outside for a while for the next one. Brisk :)
Winter is usually like this but it's been so unseasonably mild up to this point (no snow christmas day!) that it takes a bit getting used to since winter arrived on the weekend. It's here tho - must adjust. Time for the mittens and goggles I think.

Must dash. Lots to do on this frozen day.
Have a good one...hope it's warmer where you are :)


azusmom said...

Swimming would be an excellent way to get back into it without harming your knee!
It's definitely warmer here, but freezing for us, lol! (Although we did just get back from Yosemite, where it was quite chilly...)

womens ski pants said...

It is too cold for me to swim in winter..