Once day off

This morning I felt much more alive. We ordered in food last night and relaxed. Ate a bit to much chinese but it was glorious to NOT do any homework for one night. Even went to bed early. It was lovely.
I came in and worked out - 35 minutes on the arc trainer, some arm weights and then a bunch of ab and core exercises. I'm good to go. My breakfast is some fruit and cottage cheese and a whackload of coffee.

And now - back to it :) Have a good day!


Sagan said...

There's something so pleasurable about simple taking an evening off work and going to bed early! Glad you enjoyed your break.

azusmom said...

what are the exact measurements of a "whackload?" 'Cause i might be needing it next week.

Charlotte said...

I have no idea what a whackload is either but I am now trying to think of some way to work it into every day conversation, it's just that awesome!