Chilly day

This morning I was up and to the gym to do my legwork and ab work and 30 minutes on the bike. It's a chilly morning today but the sky is crystal clear...stars were very bright. Orion's in the horizon as I walk to the bus. Gorgeous.
This weekend I got a lot of work done, but also lots of relaxing. It was J's christmas thing with the people he works with and we got all poshed up and went out for turkey dinner and bowling (bowling in a skirt is not easy...). Then some tipsy rock band at a coworkers house. I'm embarrassed to say I curled up on the couch and napped at the's been a long week. They just kept on without me and made sure I was comfy :)

This weekend I ate my very first persimmon. It's pretty much not in season for all other fruits at the moment except for apples or bananas (and I can't have any oranges...*sigh*) so I grabbed one to try. Yum. I love it. It's a very different flavour...I think I'm hooked. I'll definitely get some more.

I have exactly 7 days to persevere until I can relax and spend a few days with my Dad...I can't wait. I just have to be diligent. It's hard. I just want to nap and drink eggnog and put up lights :) It's my reward - I get to put up lights when classes are done. I can't wait :)


azusmom said...

My in-laws grow persimmons in their garden, and they are YUM-MY!!!!

I can't quite work out the physics of bowling in a skirt. THAT is an accomplishment, lol!

Charlotte said...

Persimmons are the BEST! But they go bad quickly and a bad persimmon is it's own special kind of hell (as are unripe persimmons). Apparently I'm picky!