Getting there...

Feeling slightly better. Still coughing and all that, but I don't feel as though I might die if I don't sleep for a week, so I'll take it. My lungs and asthma will likely take a few more days before I'm back to normal, but it's a start. I can see the end of it.
I'm trying to figure out how to fit in workouts into my routine once I start classes - you see I've calculated that to make up for my missed work time due to classes I have to take in this semester, I have to stay an hour and a half late every day...on top of the hour I'm already staying and the saturdays for my actual research for my MSc. Somewhere in there is a workout, ideally 5 a week. I'm toying with swimming a few days a week. An old friend of mine has taken it up and loves it and I have free pool access as long as I'm a student.
I suppose I can also do my ball VD or 30 minutes on the elliptical as well. It's not perfect, but I"ll be damned if I let life turn me into a couch potato...

Any suggestions on 30 minute workouts I can fit into my day??


azusmom said…
Glad you're starting to feel better! Just remember to take it slow and easy when you start working out again!
Swimming is always good, as long as you enjoy it. Personally, I find swimming laps to be very relaxing, as well as a great workout.
I've also been enjoying my indoor walking DVDs, as my back heals. Worth checking out. (Literally; the library probably has copies of a bunch of them!)
Sagan said…
When I was in university, I'd take my notes or books to the gym with me. I'd get on a treadmill, crank up the incline, and walk on it for 30 minutes while I was reading or studying. Might as well kill two birds with one stone! It was especially good because my city is so flat that it was nice to give my legs some climbing to do.

Lifting weights is also generally a 20-minute type of workout... and swimming could be fun to try! The only problem with it is that it takes a bit of extra time to get ready for the pool and to clean off the chlorine and stuff afterward (for me, anyway).

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