Kick in the ass

Well then.
Yesterday I had an "intro" meeting for my MSc. Got the old pep talk and polite reminder of how nice they are to be letting me work full time and work on my Masters at the same time and a few more details about the program. They expressed condolences about Mum and hoped I was coming along nicely...hint hint

And so I must get at it. January is a bit of a blur with the funeral and all, but I'm finally "back" mentally and yesterday was a kind solid reminder that life is here and I must get to it. My kitchen reno is at the point where it's functional again and other than needing to finish cupboard doors over the next little while we're largely (yay) done and I have been slowly putting stuff back and using it, so I have no major huge distraction anymore - and a lot to do!

I've got plans people. I'll be busy, but I signed up for this so I need to get at it.
Plus I have to pay tuition next week. Something about shelling out a grand makes you remember "oh yeah, this *is* a big deal"...I've got methods worked out, and plans in place and meet with my supervisor tomorrow to go over big plans. My first "progress meeting" is the second week of April and I want to be able to show up and be proud of what I've done...I can do this. My bosses boss is the chair of my committee and I want to impress him. I want them all to be happy of how they accepted me into the program and not regret what they're letting me do. No more Facebooking and renovating away my free time. I've got cells to culture and sciency wiency things to do...

Thankfully, my knee has been kind and normal for 2 weeks now. Had I not gotten this cold I'd be working out this week already...and as of this monday - the morning workouts are on again. Belly dance class has been good (we're learning floorwork and back bends...oh my burning thighs) and I want some muscle tone back. I need the energy and I really can't wait to get back to it. The key will be easing back in so I don't stress out my knee.'s all coming together...

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