I've got two legs from my hips to the ground and when I move them they walk around...

Well yesterday was a much better day. Moods were up and Dad's been busy in the kitchen. He's taken down the cupboard he has to rebuild to install the range hood above where the new stove will be. He's already made all the holes and such for all the outlets and wiring he's putting in, installed an electrical subpanel and has moved a light switch and installed a light in my pantry. YES. I will soon be able to *see* in there. Very cool.

Stuff is going on.

And for some reason our spirits were up too. That was a huge bonus after a super extra mopey monday. J and I got groceries and made sure to stock up on a bunch of Dad's favourites so he's happy. We even picked up Zombieland for cheap on the way home. We hadn't planned on it but he and I cozied up and watched it last night. It made for a later night, but it was good to laugh and be together. That movie cracks me up...it was just the thing...

I'm giving my knee until monday to fully heal up. I can go up and down stairs like a normal person now (can I get a wohoo!), but it still clicks occasionally, so I'm erring on the side of caution. Healthy eating is the way of things now too - I'm trying to have salads and healthy things for main dishes and fruit for snacks and desserts around the house. So far so good.

Heh. I just typed so fat so good.
Freudian slip? :)

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Marste said...

Hey, I don't have much to say I guess, except that I'm glad to see you feeling better, even if it's just for a day. I just read the "long day" entry, and I'm sorry about the mopey sprinkles. (But the phrase made me giggle anyway, and I'M STEALING IT. ;D)

And I'm SUPER JEALOUS of your pantry light. Also of your pantry. But it's a good thing I don't have one, I guess, or I would be compelled to fill it with all kinds of weird stuff I found at the food shop. *sigh*