PMS ahoy!

Heh heh...I didn't do too badly yesterday. Every month the hormonal munchies sneak up on me and tapdance on my head. This month was not too bad, but still a challenge.
Other than a bunch of (OK package of) baked rice crackers I came out of things OK. I had healthy lunch and supper...and a Guinness, but I drank tea to try and combat my food cravings. And so...I ended up drinking 2 full frigging pots of tea. Yes. I'm sure I'm still retaining a gallon of water now, but it helped fend off ridiculous munchies to a reasonable point. All that and I was still hungry. Crazy.
I made fresh buns too, but only ate one. This is indeed a victory. I likes me my fresh baked buns...I honestly had trouble not eating food "because it was there". With me being home for a holiday that was a challenge with the munchies going on but I kept busy with chores and getting some grad project application stuff together.

In between chores I got to watch a few documentaries on the Korean war and the Canadian troop involvement in the battles in WW2 in Italy. You hear so much in Canada about Vimy Ridge and the battles in France but so very little about the fighting that went on in Italy. I know embarrassingly little about WW1 and WW2 and I really enjoyed the documentaries. It helped me be mindful. J was busy all day putting the Remembrance ceremony on TV (they had a live mobile of our local ceremony on air on his channel that day) and then he had his live music show that evening, so he was too busy all day....not a "day off" for him at all.

And now...a long day with some bellydance lessons at the end. This weekend is our last weekend of lots of "stuff" to do for a while and I'm glad. I could go for a week or two of nothing in particular...I'm feeling busy and hectic again. Soon, comes the chill time. I can't wait :)


Scrumpy said...

I always want a pound of twizzlers alongside my PMS. We women have the fuzzt end of the lollipop on this deal.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Fresh baked buns? Are you a glutton for punishment?

Have fun shaking your stuff at belly dancing!