My weekend trip to Endor

Wonderful weekend.
Once again drove away to see friends, stay up late making decorations, and then spend all the next day turning a rugby hall into Endor and Deep space, all pimped up with Star Wars decorations. Yup - a Star Wars party. We covered the ceilings and walls...totally transformed the place. And then we had some great DJs play music all night...I dressed up like Luke on Dagobah, in khaki pants and tank top with lightsaber and Yoda on my back (yes I have a Yoda backpack. I'm a nerd.). Then after it was all cleaned up after the party ended at 4AM...and then we hung out with friends and caught up on life the universe and everything...
Haven't stayed up all night having fun like that for ages :)
One thing I'm glad for is we were able to hang out with our friends Mel and Bari. I was wondering how it would be, as they used to be a couple, but are now just "them"...but it was still good. It can be awkward when friends break up, but luckily, they remained friends, and so it was OK to all hang out together. It was so much fun to help out and be a part of something huge and fun, and be there and do it with a bunch of friends. All good people with shiny hearts...I do so wish they lived closer to us. Special thanks to Mel's Mom who made us bacon and rock Mom!
And then it was drive home and sleep 13 hours...and now I am back at work, after having taken the morning off.
Like a little time warp. It was fun.

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Scrumpy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!