Body for Geo

OK, this weekend J will be away, so besides doing lots of work to finish up my MSc stuff, I plan on cleaning the house (it really never ends...) and, yes - working out. Don't be shocked. It is true. My ass will be moving. Not sittign reading and eating popcorn. Oh no, I'm building a list and I'll check it twice.
I was looking at photos from a friend of mine, who recently lost about 20lbs and thought..."man. She looks amazing!" Then I looked at myself and went "meh". Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit of alright, but I'm not in the best shape of my life like I was a few years ago. I want to get a hold on organizing my life so when grad studies start I get in my exercise and eat well with as little stress as possible. I want to pick away at the last 10ish Lbs I keep carrying around now that my body has plateaued at my new weight. Not only will it give me more energy, happy juice and feed my brain and help me sleep, but it will give me a stress relief I get no other way.

After cleaning and halfass organising my house this weekend (as parent are coming to visit for over a week to help renovate in December) I will get on planning my kitchen panel windows and then start working on a menu plan and exercise plan for next month. I am cringing about the exercising, as I know it will mean getting up at 5:15 (ick) but I did it before. All the time. It was so much simpler when J was up at that hour for's much harder knowing I'll be int he shower before he even cracks an eye, but I know I can do it. Beacause I *have* done it. I need to get it as a part of routine before my routine ramps up even further. And the thing is, right now the weather is fantastic...all the snow melted and it's ~-5. For mid november that's positively tropical. I should at least be walking.
After a week I'll feel fanfreaktastic and the stiffies will ahve faded....and I hope by Christmas to have lost 3Lbs. That seems reasonable right? It's a good way to start and a small goal is doable. In a week or so I'll be getting next month's groceries, so if I have a weeks food plan by then I can really relieve my stress that way. Scrumpy suggested doing that and the more I think about it the more I like it. If nothing else, just having a list of 2 weeks worth of meals purchased and written down in a book will save me. I love to cook, but hate deciding what to make...this takes the pain out of it all. Less stress.

You know, a part of me would really like to do Body for Life. A friend of mine did and wow - she looked incredible. But it fades if you don't keep it up...and I don't want to go to a gym-I want to be able to do it at home. I enjoy it, but I know me. If I can't fit it in to my morning it ain't gonna happen. Plus I want a workout I can live with...not just do for 10 weeks and then wonder what's next. I think I may design my own "Body for Geo" plan and use their base plan to set up workouts I can do at home with my ball, freeweights and elliptical. I'm looking at picking up some resistance bands this month too- my Woman of Power workout from Fat Chance Bellydance has a section where you use a pole and elastic resistance band...and I want to do it for one of my I will get on it. It is a good solid 45 minute all over workout...a good place to start. I just haven't been home at all to do this stuff. I make my life too busy...then get behind. Plus in a fit of delerium I made a promise to enter a winter half/full marathon in February...heh heh. Yeah.
Time to relax, recoup and pull on my adult pants. :)
Beacuse I know that most of all I need to look after me. I go slightly nutty when I get busy and put myself last...and the sanity gets worse from there on in. If I can figure out what I want and then do it...well I bet it will be a very good thing :)

Tonight's workout is to rake half the back yard...then finish all the raking up tomorrow. I have to get it done before snow's crossing my fingers...anyone know how many calories you use up raking??


Scrumpy said...

Sometimes it is nice when the men-folk go away for just a couple of days and we can have our super girl power-focus time.

You know, I am ALL about these near-term goals these days and it is really helping me. And you've got a great plan kicking here.

I've always wanted to try the Body for Life thing too. But I know I could never keep it up long-term and then I think I'd always wish I was back at that super-toned place. I certainly don't need yet another thing to feel guilty about.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Don't know the calories on raking, but it's a really practical workout!

Good luck with "Body for Geo!"