Grrr and on for a week my knee has been giving me twinges, ever since I tripped last friday on a run. I landed on my palms mostly, and not very hard at that, but a few days after that my knee started to get sore. I don't even really think it's related - it's just the only thing I can think of that might have anything to do with it. Over the weekend it progressed to very sore. This morning it was clicking painfully as I rode my bike to work. Ow.

I am very sick of this knee business...bursitis I think it would be called...a mysterious non-entity pain that just gets in the way of activity caused by nothign in particular.
How am I supposed to work out or do anything fun with my knee being sore? I'm just getting back into shape - how do I keep fit with this?
I'm going to have it looked at, because it's very frustrating.
I danced at a concert on saturday (it was Kool & the Gang - how do you sit still for that?) but I haven't done anything strenuous all week as we've had company here with a baby so I haven't been able to work out (exercise stuff was in the baby sleep area) and it kept raining whenever I tried to go for a walk/run.

I'm getting very frustrated.

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