Up and at them

This morning I was still a bit squeaky, but better than yesterday. I got up and did my bellydance yoga DVD, the first set of isolations. It felt good. J was not working mornings so I tried to be quiet and tiptoe around a bit...I'm used to having the place to myself and blasting the stereo, so it felt very quiet this morning. :)

I've got my last bellydance class tonight - should be fun. After that it's no more classes until the fall...I'll miss it. I'm hoping to track down a few more training DVDs in the next while so I can practice daily over the summer and start up classes in the fall...I can't wait. The more I do, the better I get. Practice practice practice. Once it's above 0 in the mornings I can start running again...cold air really aggravates my asthma, so I'm hoping I can start up running soon. It will be a while to build up to full tilt, but I think I'll start off running 2 min and walking 4 and add a minute a week of running until I'm up to run 6 walk 2. I live in such a great area for running...and I miss it. Being outside in the morning is wonderful. Just not quite yet. It's still unseasonably cold...and I'm a wimp...so they two shall not meet. Yet :)

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Bobby said...

Yeah, walk/run is the best way for me. If I put too much pressure on myself to try to run the whole time...It will blow the whole thing.