The cat ate my rake

I put off yard work until this weekend...but haven't gotten too much done.
Well I'll be hanged if I can find my rake.
There is an old crappy one that I've made a half assed effort with, but it's not going too well...I'm sure I burn at least half the calories if I'm raking halfassed...


Mr Coppens said…
I hate to admit how much I am enjoying Global Warming but I live in whatEVERpeg and today it is over 60F... sorry I'm 50...
15C today and it's NOVEMBER 3rd!?!

I just mow (er..mulch..I'm told that it's very Green) the lawn now I can't be bothered to bag anymore...
lord knows what they actually do with all of those mountainous piles of leaves at the drop off sites...prolly just throw it in the landfill?

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