oooh...I think I want one of these

It's odd. I *was* saving up for a GPS running watch, but now I think I've changed my focus. I've been looking for a way to get a full muscle workout at home. I have a great exercise ball DVD workout...but it gets dull doing the same thing all the time. It would be nice to alternate between it and something else...and I think I've found that something else.
The TRX system. It has resistance bands and can be mounted to the door or wall. If you buy the "package" it comes with a door mount and a DVD with 2 25 minute body workouts on it. I've been lookin at resistance bands as an idea, but this looks like a much better, higher quality version.
I think my sheckels are going to be tucked away for my reward for training diligently until the 10K run.
Has anyone used this before? What do you think of it??


Crabby said...

Great idea on getting into more weight training.

Don't know anything about that particular system--for some reason I'm not a big resistance band fan myself 'cause I don't like the feel of 'em, but they do seem to be generally cheaper than weights and take up less space.

Cynthia said...

Actually, the TRX trainer is NOT like resistance bands. Resistance bands stretch and you get a muscle workout by pitting your muscles against the stretch of the bands.

The TRX trainer (Which I purchased fairly recently and LOVE!) does NOT stretch. What it does do, is provide different ways to do bodyweight resistance exercise. The suspension aspect creates a lot of instability, which makes your muscles work even harder and helps activate your core!

For me, as I am NOT very fit, it's excellent, because I can hold on to it and get an "assist" with moves like lunges and squats that require a lot of balance.

I can also do a chest press, where I cannot do a full pushup or even a kneeling pushup yet.

It is a GREAT workout... I got the home bundle, but have not done the Core DVD yet, though I will soon! The All Body Express DVD workout is short, but TOUGH! You may find that you have to adjust at first, depending on your fitness level.

I can't do the balance lunges, so I just do a basic lunge instead. I was not able to do a suspended plank at first, but did my normal kneeling plank instead. Other exercises, I was not able to do many reps, but each time, I get better. It revs my heart rate up!

I would HIGHLY recommend not only getting the Home bundle, but adding the Trainer Basics DVD to it. It will cost less to add it with the initial purchase than buying it separately later. While it is not a "workout" per se, it is really good because it presents a number of exercises, with explanations on how to make them easier or increase the difficulty. I'm glad I got it!

There's more posts on my experiences with my trainer over on my blog.

Geosomin said...

AH-I learn I learn.
It isn't what I thought, but yet is still very good.

Scrumpy's Baker said...

Wow, sounds cool!

WeightingGame said...

Yes! I tried this at Crunch and it seems awesome -you use your body weight and the straps to do push ups, oull ups, lunges, etc and can work all sorts of muscles you never knew you had. I'd like to take a class and have someone push me through all the moves. Nice idea!