Finally was a good girl and got in a solid workout today.
After sleeping in a bit, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical machine followed by some stretches.
My legs are a bit stiff, and my sides are ticklish after a lot of situps, but I feel WAY better.
I even tried to be healthy, having some poached eggss and multigrain toast (one of my favorite things) for breakfast.
I ended up snarfing some food in mall alter today, but it was healthy stuff, so today makes up for yesterday, which involved large amounts of beef jerky and some chips while watching a movie (Which I'd highly recommend by the way. Rent the movie Stay if you can - very slick style and very original story. And it has Ewan Mcgregor in it too...mmm hmmmm)
And now I must go help put with a charity art auction for the community radio station. Being broke at a place full of beautiful art will be sucky, but at least I can be somewhere posh and munch some tasty finger food and help out a good cause.

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