Beautiful day!

It was a beautiful day today - a great day to be outside.
It was about 0 degrees, hardly any wind and sunny and warm.
After a few frozen windy days on the picket line, today was a real relief. We even had coffee today...we're moving on up!

This morning I got up and did 42 minutes on the crosstrainer and some stretching and situps. it's odd, the machine counts the calories burned and says I burned 542...but I find that hard to believe. I wonder how accurate those counters are anyways. I was encouraged last night when I did some stretching - I caught a glance of my abs in the mirror - well la de da...they're quite the thing at the mo. I'm gettting a washboard...crazy. I suppose working out and walking 4 hours a day can help out your body...we'll see. It's giving me freckles at any rate! It's just a bit too cold to run in the morning, even with my modified hours fromt he strike shifts and after 4 hours out walking and encouraging the picketers on my shift I don't think I'd have the energy to work out.
I'll keep at my workouts. I sure miss running though - something about being outside...sure I'm outside on the line, but it's not the same...but I'll be good. I refuse to let winter to turn me into a potato.

I'm off to make cookies for my picket team. Bye!

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