Hey hey hey!
I walked to work this morning...mostly as I'm cat sitting for a friend and had to go by abd lock her kitty away for the day in a bedroom for some repairpeoples to do their thing. It'll keep little Wicket somewhere safe and cozy for the day and I can let him out again after work.

I figured hey - I know I ran yesterday so I don't need to run today, but it's my birthday...a walk would be nice. With the detour it's about 45 minutes - not too bad.
So I walked.
It was cold and rainy. Meh.
And as it turns out, I might have to go out on strike today at work.
Meh indeed...you know I'm counting on this day to improve.

It is looking up tho - my luv said he's taking me out for a fine dinnner today...can't wait!
I so rarely go out for dinner as I'm a bit of a cookery snob (and a damn fine chef if'n I do say so myself) so when we eat out and really like to go to the sort of place where there's a chef and the food is in the realm of the divine. That's not a cheap thing...so usually it's just on my birthday or our anniversary we splurge a bit. And so the splurge is coming.
Can't wait...yum.

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