Indian winter?

It was so nice yesterday - got up to 21! And this morning it was still nice - about 10. There were a lot of people out running this morning instead of just me and another lady I always pass on my way home - nice to see others out and about again. It was like summer just for a day.

I had a nice run, went a few 100 metres further than normal today...not sure if I was just running abit faster or what, but it was a nice run and I feel great. I almost slept in, but J came and said goodbye on his way to work and I thought "if he can be up now so can I" and got up and headed out for a run. I'm glad I did. It's always hard to get my ass out of bed at 5:15 but once I'm there it is usually worth it. I even went harder on my last 8 minute run stretch to push myself a bit and it has left me with a buzz that has stuck with me so far today.
Today it definitely was a good run. I feel great. I've lots to do but, tomorrow is my day off.

Music to run to on a warm morning: Gomez - Five Men in a Hut

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Cara said...

now I really want to run! :-)