Cross that off the life list...

This weekend I ran up at the lake - something I've dreamed about for many many years. Back when I was large I dreamt that I'd someday be fit, and run at the lake, grinning with the wind in my hair as a happy fit woman. Well, it was cold and rainy and a bit harder than I imagined, but I did finally get to do that this weekend - A fulfillment of a longtime personal goal. It was truly cool. I went from our cabin all the way out to the narrows beach an boat launch, around the campsite and back to the cabin. 3 minutes walk +4 minutes run 7 times plus a bunch of walking (10 minutes)...I did it. It was rather hard, and I forgot to bring a water bottle so I had to stop at the campground for some water, but I did it. And spent the rest of the weekend with family walking, fishing and enjoying my mums amazing food.

And this morning? Well 2.5 minutes walk + 4.5 minutes run 7 times plus 5 minutes walk at the end! I can't quite believe it. I made it all the nearly to the memorial fountain by the Bes hotel...insane to think about. I haven't even ever walked that far before...And I was so rested and full of snacks from the weekend that it seemed almost easy...THAT is weird. I stretched out nicely and made sure I have my water with me...I can't believe I'm actually doing this. It was raining a bit, a misty cold day but I went anyways and found I loved it.

Who'd a thought I'd like getting up at 5 to run in the rain...?

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